First Day of School Report

30 minute classes are short, but felt like just about the right length for a first day.

For my math studies courses which are smaller and mostly grade 11 students, I tried to learn everyone’s names and got them straight into the math.  I made use of the 4Es document and basically combined all the suggestions into one document.  For each “E” there were 3 problems and I told them to choose one to solve.  They had the option to be up and writing on the white board and they took advantage of it.  For 2 of the 3 classes, I had time to end with the #mathis exercise and that was awesome.  It went as expected with the words “hard,” “frustrating,” and “worst” appearing a lot.  But there were some good ones.  I think my favorite is “I like money, money is numbers, numbers is math. #mathis money.”  I’ve posted them up on a padlet for your viewing pleasure.  I think that students walked away from the class feeling good about having solved problems and expressing themselves.

We’re 4 days in and I still haven’t discussed the syllabus.  It’s online, they’ve found it if they care about it.  They know that this is a place we spend 85 minutes a lesson doing math and that’s what I care about.

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