Video Organization

I’ve been struggling with how to organize my notes and videos for the flipped classroom.  Do you number chronologically?  By unit?  But what if you change the order of things the following school year (as we did this year)?  Then everything has to be renumbered.  And if you refer to the number in the video, then the video is misleading the following year.  If anyone has any bright ideas for this, I’d love to hear them.

The one thing that I’ve started this year is to be better at tagging my videos with the content and putting more details into the titles as well.  I’ve also opened another Google account just to have a YouTube channel for my math videos only.  This keeps students off my personal page, but also keeps my videos in a way that when I move to another school (not something I plan on doing anytime soon!) I’ll have them.  So if you’re interested in seeing any videos, check out the MsSlimanMath YouTube channel!

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