Mathematical (and other) Musings

Math + Social Justice

It’s almost the end of my summer vacation for 2020…. 2020, what a dumpster fire. The world was rocked first by … well, where do I even begin?! The fires in Australia, the worldwide spread of CoVid19, the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Flyod (just to name a few). These deaths reigniting theContinue reading “Math + Social Justice”

Getting to know you…

My second year at ISB (2016-2017) was atypical. I didn’t start the school year until October as I’d been out on medical leave. I found that it took far longer than it ever had before to connect with those students. When I learned I’d be teaching most of them again the next year, I wasContinue reading “Getting to know you…”

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