Conic, Parametric and Polar Equations. Oh, my!

At ISB, we let students skip ahead in math courses, trying to meet ability rather than age.  However, we want them to be with their peers in the last two years of high school.  In part because the IB is changing their mathematics courses for the DP (grade 11/12 courses) so we did not want themContinue reading “Conic, Parametric and Polar Equations. Oh, my!”

First Day of School

It’s no secret that my teaching has been heavily influenced by what I’ve learned through Harvard’s Project Zero and a lot of the thinking I’ve done about how students think and learn.  More and more I’ve come to regard the first day of class as setting the tone.  The first day is an indicator ofContinue reading “First Day of School”

Function Faces

In my 10th grade mathematics class, students began studying functions in April.  We looked at four main functions – quadratic, cubic, absolute value and square root.  I placed the emphasis on understanding the transformation of functions – translations, stretches and reflections.  As a mid unit assignment, I asked students to create a face using Desmos.Continue reading “Function Faces”

My Flipped Math Classroom, the origin story

I have been experimenting with flipping a high school mathematics class since the 2012-2013 school year (SY).  During that SY, I was teaching a year 2 IB DP Higher Level class (seniors), a year 1 IB DP Standard Level class (juniors), two grade 8 integrated (meaning the curriculum covered a variety of topics and studentsContinue reading “My Flipped Math Classroom, the origin story”